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Cast Your Eye Buffs On EverQuest Next

Until very recently, if I'd walked up to someone and asked them if they were excited about the new EverQuest game, any positive response would have seen the authorities rush in. The Pod Person would then be gassed and caged, the area evacuated and nuked, and humanity would feel just a little bit more vulnerable. Even now, when I look in the mirror and someone excited about EverQuest Next is staring back, I flinch a little bit. Am I a Pod Pearson? SOE's work in revitalising their MMO as a world that I want to explore and smash is baffling. To be honest, I thought Adam was playing an elaborate prank, but the video of SOE's live reveal is proof that they're onto something.

The reveal starts 28 mins in on the first video. The intro is kind of baffling. The rest reveals the new engine, the new movement system that's all about free-running, and all the smashy loveliness. I love the response to Landmark: the silence of people not sure how to react to something very new and very awesome is hilarious.

I watched this live on the Twitch stream, and it was fun experiencing the people in chat channel on the side of the screen being slowly won over. They went from posting ascii winkies and claiming it was a WoW rip-off to being excited and begging for access.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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