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Castle Crashers Update Smashes In Fancier Graphics


I associate Castle Crashers [official site] with an exciting time in video games. Downloadable games were really taking off, indie games were getting a whole lot more attention (and we all thought "indie" meant anything), and our very own RPS was re-founded. In all that, teeny team The Behemoth first released Castle Crashers, a pretty, silly, and fun hand-drawn beat 'em up (though it wouldn't come to PC for years).

I'm always happy to write about to write about Castle Crashers, then, and especially when it's good news like: a big free update has brought improved graphics, a new mode, and more.

Last night brought the Barbarian Makeover update, which is mostly improvements seen in the shiny new Xbox One edition of Castle Crashers. It now has the option for high-quality textures (disabled by default, because it'll want some hardware muscle and a 64-bit system), the framerate is no longer capped at 30fps, bugs are fixed, the UI is improved, it has a Russian option, and the old mini-game All You Can Quaff is replaced with a new one.

The Behemoth explain that they felt the old mini-game, based on something in their earlier game Alien Hominid, "never matched the overall quality of everything we put into Castle Crashers" so they took this opportunity to replace it.

The update should download automatically on Steam. Look, here's a vid showing this new stuff (and old stuff) in the Xbone version:

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