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19 hours ago

‘Tis the season for Haunted PS1’s gore-filled advent calendar

Truly, not even the festive cheer of the Christmas season is enough to shoo away the low-poly scare-makers working under the Haunted PS1 label. This week, the collective kicked off their latest collaborative project, the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar, a delicious selection of 24 bloody treats unlocked over the 24 days running up to Christmas. Trust me, there's no chocolate waiting behind those blurry, low-res…

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1 day ago

The Wonderful 101 now has a two-hour demo where you can play as Bayonetta

In my head, The Wonderful 101: Remastered has only been out for a month or so. In reality, it came out back in May, and I'm not quite sure how that happened. 2020 continues to amaze with its ability to warp all perception of time. Oh well. Platinum Games' weird superhero-morphing adventure has a free two-hour demo out now on Steam, so perhaps that will…

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6 days ago

Mudrunner’s filthy motoring is free on the Epic Games Store this week

Having long-since dropped the "Spintires" part of its name, mucky motorist Mudrunner is now dropping its price tag. Temporarily, at least. Saber Interactive's trudging off-roader is this week's free game over on the Epic Games Store, letting you wrestle your jeep of choice through the hostile wilderness all the way 'til next Thursday, at which point it'll be replaced by indie platformer Cave Story +.

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1 week ago

Football Manager 2021 is out now, reflecting some of the pandemic’s effects on footie

Sports Interactive today released Football Manager 2021, their latest digital adaptation of your dad shouting at the telly. You too can have all the answers to lead a team to glory in leagues and competitions around the world. It's been a strange year for football (and for everything) so FM2021 does reflect some of the pandemic's effects on the beautiful game. However, the devs want…

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2 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

What new gaming subscription service would you want?

One-off purchases are out, and recurring payments are in. Subscription services are hot again, with publishers from EA to Ubisoft giving access to their games for monthly fees, Stadia charging for better cloud gaming, Fortnite considering fashion subs, and so many companies threatening to send boxes of tat to your door. So few seem worth it. But I'm curious: if you could create a new…

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4 weeks ago

Worms Rumble open beta is battling royale this weekend

What happens when the turn-based tactical violence of Worms becomes a real-time shooter? See for yourself in the free Worms Rumble open beta weekend, which started today. This latest Worms spin-off is a 32-player side-on shooter with all the usual wacky weapons, throwing down in deathmatch and battle royale modes. I like Worms because of the game it is, not the brand, but Rumble could…

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition has a free 10-hour demo

Ahead of its release on PC next month, the horrifically long-named Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age - Definitive Edition has a free demo you can play right now. It lets you explore the first 10 hours of the turn-based RPG, and all your progress will carry over into the full game if you end up buying it after.

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TokTik ColorPick is probably the opposite of watching paint dry

In fact, there's a good argument to make that TikTok ColorPick is the act of watching paint get wetter. Inspired by the effortlessly daft "#guessthepaint" videos of TikTok artist Christian M Hull, Tiny Islands creator David King has created an interactive toy for guessing your own paint without shelling out a fortune at B&Q. Hey, if it's free and passes the time this evening, it…

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Side-scrolling monarch Kingdom: Classic is free on Humble this week

It must be easy to run a country when you've only two dimensions to work with. This week, Kingdom (that's Kingdom: Classic and not Kingdom: New Lands or Kingdom: Two Crowns) became free to download and keep over on the Humble Store. The old king may seem stripped down compared to its successors, but it'll let you dole out pennies across your lands without dropping…

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Feature: In fairness, the menu can often be the best bit

Menu New Game+ is a game of fake menus that makes infinite RimWorld patch notes

I recently talked to a group of people who were unfamiliar with games, about what games are. It's always a bit weird doing that, because the answer is often "I mean, IDK. What are 'sports'? Now please don't ask me if they're art." See also: when is a door not a door?As ever, though, weird indie games provide the answer to most questions, if you…

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C.H.A.I.N. stitches 20 games into one horrific free collection

Halloween's over. The pumpkins are packed away, the witches hats back in the wardrobe, but that doesn't mean the scares should end, right? This weekend, the indie spooksters working under the Haunted PS1 movement released their latest compilation, C.H.A.I.N. - a compilation of 20 wildly varied haunt 'em ups from over 20 developers, Frankenstein'd together for free into a single winding narrative anthology.

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Merry Christmas, it’s time to play Skeal

While carved pumpkins and turnips have barely begun to rot on windowsills, Christmastime is in full swing as far as the shops are concerned. There's nowt else on this year so sure, let's break out the old Christmas traditions already. And where better to start than Skeal? Pop on your mittens, brew a flask of cocoa, and hit the slopes in this free game to…

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1 month ago

Genshin Impact’s first big update confirmed for November 11th

Before Genshin Impact goes ahead and adds a whole new area, it has to finish with the current one. The developers, Mihoyo today confirmed that the main storyline's chapter in Liyue will wrap up with the first major update on November 11th. That'll also add reputation levels with cities, with useful rewards like a portable stove and treasure compass, as well as start the first…

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This free pumpkin festival game is the best thing to happen all Halloween

Adamgryu, creator of 'Game That Graham Won't Shut Up About 2019' winner A Short Hike, has released a pay-what-you-can pumpkin carving game on itch. Just in time for the spookiest weekend of the year, Mayor Bones Proudly Presents: Ghost Town's 999th Annual Pumpkin Festival is a genuine Halloween treat, and the best cure for October blues I have yet come across.The premise is simple: you…

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Co-op rat-basher Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play this week

Look, it's been a tough year. You're stressed, you're tired, you've got a whole lotta pent-up anger - so why not take it out on a few hundred fantasy ratmen? Riotous rodent-smasher Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is currently free to player over on Steam 'til November 1st, with the return of a limited-time anniversary mission sending our hopeless heroes on a pub crawl from hell.

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Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising has a demo you can play in your browser

'Tis the season for Ubisoft's latest round of open-world murder simulators, but this year they have a family-friendly one too. Immortals Fenyx Rising seems like it might be a fun one, smashing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild into Ancient Greek mythology, and you can try it for yourself in a demo. Ubi have palled up with Google to release a Fenyx demo playable for free…

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Cutesy Halloween adventure Costume Quest 2 is free on Epic

Spook-o-ween is almost upon us, dear readers. And while there's not a single fun-sized Snickers in sight, trotting up to old Mr Epic Games Store's front door this week has treated to two new freebies - Double Fine's charming Costume Quest 2 and the decisively less whimsical Layers Of Fear 2. Same as before, they're yours to keep until this time next week, when they'll…

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Try your hand guiding Humankind in a new demo for the Civ-like strategy game

Amplitude Studios' strategy game Humankind is offering a playable peek at their vision for the next era of civilisation 'em ups. The strategy romp has a new trailer out along with a free demo that you can play in your browser so you can decide for yourself if it'll take the strategy crown. Sega announced today that they're planning Humankind's launch for sometime in April 2021.

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Fallout 76 is free to play this week

It feels weird to write something like, 'Celebrate the Fallout bombs dropping this week!' Because it's a bit dark and gloomy, and 'celebrate' certainly feels like the wrong word. But hey, that's exactly what Bethesda are doing. October 23rd is the day in Fallout lore where the world went bang and those lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a place in a vault disappeared underground.…

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