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Midnight Ghost Hunt is free to keep from the Epic Games Store

Bust it

Midnight Ghost Hunt pits ghost against hunters in multiplayer scraps in which the ghosts are able to possess inanimate objects and both groups can unlock abilities with which to catch out their opponents. It's still in early access, but it's also free to keep from the Epic Games Store right now.

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Head over to the Midnight Ghost Hunt store page and click 'Get' between now and June 8th and the game will be yours to keep forever. It normally costs £15.49.

The name is a giveaway, but Midnight Ghost Hunt is one of a number of asymmetric multiplayer games derived from Prop Hunt. It layers a lot on top of that game of hide-and-seek, however. As Ollie, Ed and James discovered last year, both teams can unlock new skills, allowing ghosts to trick rader-users with false signals and hunters to use freeze rays, grenades and more. Although life still sounded a lot easier for the ghosts than the hunters.

(I am old enough to think of these games not as Prop Hunt, but as derivations of Half-Life 1 mod Boxwar... Which was, in turn, a revival of Quake 2's CrateDM. As the quote goes, every generation thinks it invented prop wars.)

The Epic Games Store's summer sale is ongoing, and a new "mystery" freebie will arrive in a little under five days. I'll write about that when it happens if it's an interesting game or if it lets me reference something from my increasingly distant yoof. Or you'll be able to find it via our regularly updated Epic Games free games list.

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