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Caveblazers final free expansion lets you draw your own hats

Done with delving

That's it, everyone. There are no more caves to blaze. Deadpan Games' 2017 spelunk 'em up Caveblazers received its final free expansion last Friday. The "Definitive Edition" update caps off years of roguelike dungeoneering with a rich haul of new items, daily challenges, and a new hat-crafting feature that lets you MS Paint your own cap straight into the game.

Caveblazers: Definitive Edition brings 38 new items and blessings to Caveblazers's dungeon-diving. Deadpan say there's a strong emphasis on synergy with these new toys, making sure that you've got plenty of options for ridiculous combinations. Some of the highlights from the announcement post include an early-game fire blessing for heating up fire damage as soon as possible, and a new Dull Ring that can be infused with potions to give it brand new abilities. Daily runs have also been given five nasty new traits like Gauntlet - which starts each level with a deadly obstacle course - and Explosive Spikes, which is just rude.

Most important of all, though, is that Caveblazers will now let you try your hand at hatmaking. There's a new custom hats folder in the game's director for dropping bespoke beanies and bonnets into. Of course, you'll have to have an image editor (and some measure of artistic talent) at hand, but helpfully there's a little tutorial file and template included to get you started.

Definitive Edition also delivers one last load of bug fixes and balance tweaks, a full list of which can be found on the official patch notes.

Adam (RPS in peace) reckoned Caveblazers was "the best Spelunky-like game since Spelunky" in his review back in 2017. Graham was quite fond of it too, almost named it one of the best games of that year 'til discovering an ending that rewarded you with dancing lingerie ladies for beating a creepy beefcake.

Caveblazers can be picked up on Steam and the Humble Store for £7/€10/$10. There's also a rather lovely free Play Together mod for online co-op. Sure, Steam's new Remote Play Together might make that rather redundant, but it also comes with some nice little level skips and an option for 360-degree aiming.

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