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Changes are on the way for Halo Infinite's grindy battle pass

New challenges and tweaked weeklies are coming

Yesterday, I reported that 343 Industries were looking into Halo Infinite's battle pass progression, which players have found overwhelmingly slow so far. Our very own Ed Thorn played for four hours, only to reach battle pass level 3 the other night. Thankfully, the developers have already detailed a handful of changes coming this week that should improve things - from adding new, easier challenges, to removing some of the rubbish weeklies players don't like.

Hinfinite community manager John Junyszek shared the details on Twitter last night. He said they'll be adding "Play 1 Game" challenges to help players gather more consistent XP, and play matches the way they want (rather than be constantly asked to use a specific gun or something). On top of that, 343 will be doubling the duration of XP Boosts, so they'll last one hour instead of just 30 mins.

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"We'll also be adjusting, fixing bugs with, and removing some weekly challenges based on your feedback," he added . "These tunings to challenge difficulty will help you progress through weekly challenges faster and thus directly speed up your progress through the battle pass."

While there's no set date for these changes yet, Junyszek said they're coming "later this week". He also warned that, when all these changes are implemented, the devs will need to reset challenge progress. To make up for that, everyone who logs in between November 23rd and 30th will get a shiny Sigil Mark VII Visor for their Spartan.

"We'll be watching these changes closely to make sure they have the positive impact we all want on your progression," Junyszek said. "This is only our first step - we are committed to continue evolving these systems but it will take time. Thanks for joining our beta, and keep the feedback coming!"

These all sound like pretty good tweaks to me. I still find it a little odd that they don't have plans to reward players with match XP based on performance, but hey, at least just playing a match will give you a little progress going forward.

I've yet to try Halo Infinite myself, but I'm looking forward to blasting out a few games this weekend. I'm a newcomer to the series, just like a lot of folks on PC. If you're in the same boat, come and tell us how you're finding it so far.

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