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Chaos Reborn Adds Multiplayer Throwback Mode

Retro time

Remember Chaos Reborn [official site]? That turn-based wizard-on-wizard combat game from X-Com co-creator Julian Gollop? Successfully Kickstarter-funded last year, it's just now got itself a major hit of multiplayer in the form of a new "Classic Chaos" mode.

Which by any other name is essentially Chaos Reborn for fans of minimalism. Here's how it works: Each player controls a wizard outfitted with a standard staff and gear, along with a random grab-bag of spells. In anticipation of the mode's release, the team has introduced a separate league competition specific to Classic Chaos players.

Gollop's team has also introduced a couple of new battle environments: Ruins, which is being described as "the shattered remnants of civilizations from the old world," where great magical knowledge is guarded by powerful Wizard Lords; and a place called Citadel, which they're describing as a Wizard Lord-governed fortress.

Single-player gameplay, which was introduced in a very limited form via "versus-AI" mode added late last year, will be expanded considerably.

"We have also been hard at work implementing the single player realm exploration mode," reads the team's latest update from Kickstarter. "An initial version of this will be released in June, and will also feature a co-op mode allowing you to recruit an ally for any battle." So in about a month's time you can also expect to find a singleplayer "realm exploration mode" revealed.

Chaos Reborn is currently available on Steam via Early Access.

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