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Charity speedrunning marathon AGDQ 2020 begins this Sunday

AGDQ 2020 begins this weekend.

The winter half of the yearly charity speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick kicks off this Sunday, January 5th. Donations to Games Done Quick will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The week long marathon will cover a bunch of speedrunning mainstays along with some new additions from 2019.

On Sunday you'll be able to check out speedruns for a few PC games: A Hat In Time, Star Wars - Escape From Yavin 4: The Lost Maps, and The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+. If you're into a few non-PC speedruns, you can check out Metroid, Mario, Zelda, and others on Sunday as well.

Throughout the week you can catch speedruns of several new games from 2019. At a glance I've spotted Blasphemous, Control, Katana ZERO, The Outer Worlds, Untitled Goose Game, and Manifold Garden for new PC additions from last year.

For my part, I remember finishing Untitled Goose Game and being defeated by the sight of a new list of goose tasks called "To-Do (Quickly!!)." I've never been a particularly quick gamer so perhaps I'll wind up lurking in the viewers section for that one next week to score a few tips on crossing off my final goose list.

You can watch the marathon on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel starting at 4:30pm GMT/8:30am PST on January 5th. You can also peruse the full schedule of games being done quick on the event website.

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