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The Outer Worlds

3 weeks ago

Feature: Far Out Man

The Outer Worlds release date, trailer, gameplay, setting, details

If you were at all paying attention to the new titles announced back in The Game Awards 2018, you'll likely have noticed Obsidian Entertainment's latest singleplayer RPG (they're quite good at those). The Outer Worlds will fling its players across the galaxy to the corpocratic Halcyon colony, where opportunities for forging alliances and slicing up bad guys with lazer scythes are undoubtedly rich and abundant.…

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4 weeks ago

The Outer Worlds, Control, The Sinking City and others go Epic exclusive

Epic Games are getting serious about going head-to-head with Valve with their store, and have the war-chest to prove it. They've just announced a slew of exclusives, including Obsidian's highly anticipated The Outer Worlds, and Remedy's upcoming horror shooter Control. Frogwares's cthulhoid detective mystery The Sinking City will be making its debut on the upstart storefront too. This is on top of Epic's surprise announcement…

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4 months ago

Obsidian Entertainment announce The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind RPGs from Alpha Protocol through Fallout: New Vegas to Pillars Of Eternity, tonight announced The Outer Worlds, a new singleplayer first-person RPG with a space-western twang. As a space colonist who was deep frozen when their ship got lost, we end up in the arse end of the galaxy on a planet many factions are fighting over. It's a bit…

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