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Help us continue to be horrible in space in The Outer Worlds

Space Sod-dity

After posing the question ‘who actually takes the evil path in games?’ I was surprised to see the answer is ‘most RPS readers, actually’. I’m not sure if this speaks more to my delightful innocence or your inherent gitishness. Either way, Colm and I (your RPS Vid Buds) continue to step out of our comfort zone as we pursue the nastiest outcomes in The Outer Worlds. We’ve built a grade-A space bastard - manipulative, but handy with a gun when words won’t do - and murdered a dentist. It is off to a good start. So join us live for part two.

In last week’s inaugural episode of Bastard Run - a title we have to keep secret lest YouTube banish us from search traffic - we broke the back of the main Edgewater quests. We’ve diverted power to the corporate scum (natch), encouraged several people to fight to the death and killed a few randoms on the instruction of the Wheel of Misfortune. That last bit is a mechanic of our own devising where any NPC who doesn’t offer us a suitably nasty decision has their fate decided by the spin of a wheel. And the wheel must be obeyed.

It was jolly fun for last week (well, for us, not the dentist) and there’s plenty of opportunity for people in the chat to weigh in and guide us on the path to corruption. So please do tune in at 6pm. You can set a reminder on the video below.

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And if you are one of the 7.5 billion people who missed the first episode, why not watch that beforehand to get up to date with the story. You can watch that here. Of course, the easiest way to get involved with any RPS video ‘fun’ is to subscribe to the channel, which you should do by clicking here. We make lots of fun things from assessments of virtual London to celebrations of violent meat monsters.

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