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Join us in being as evil as possible in The Outer Worlds

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Has anyone, in the history of gaming, actually made the bad choice? I can see the renegade dialogue option staring at at me, but are we 100% sure it’s wired up to something in the game? I have my doubts. And it’s those doubts that have led to this, a new streaming series where your loyal RPS vid buds attempt to pursue the worst endings imaginable.

We plan to tackle games in their entirety over a number of weeks, starting with the moral murk of 2019’s The Outer Worlds. It’s short and has great potential for evil (like some RPS staffers I know) and should be a good time for all involved. Well, all those watching.

The Outer Worlds prides itself on its capacity for evil, letting you side with all manner of space gits in the name of getting what you want. We’ll be picking the shadiest allies we can, but why draw the line there? There are plenty of scenarios without an overtly ‘bad pick’ and so in those moments we turn to our Wheel of Misfortune to see whether we should commit a random act of bastardry against the character in question. Think of it like Two Face’s coin flip, only with a slightly ropey wheel animation Colm found on the internet. We read that the game can support the deaths of any NPCs, so let’s see how elastic it really is.

Anyway, it all kicks off today at 6pm and will be a weekly series running every Wednesday.

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We hope you’ll join us for this first episode of our The Outer Worlds evil playthrough, and that you’ll help guide us on the path to wrongness in the comments. You can click on the video above to set a reminder. We’re unofficially calling this series ‘The Bastard Run’, but are holding back from committing to that until we see if YouTube will throw all our videos in the bin for putting bastard in the title. We like to think we're edgy, but we’re actually quite scared of mum. Of course, I’d love it if you’d opt for the ultimate paragon choice and subscribe to the Rock Paper Shotgun channel here.

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