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How evil can you actually be in The Outer Worlds? Find out here, live!

Bad to the bone

I know I'm probably biased, but for my pocket change you won't have a better time on a Wednesday night than watching our dear VidBuds Matthew and Colm hammering the heads off people in The Outer Worlds. The thing is that even in RPGs with deep choice systems, like Obsidian's space cowboy adventure, most of us don't actually do the evil thing, do we?

This is why Matthew and Colm are taking it upon themselves to be as nasty as possible and see where it gets them. They're hoping to get the worst, most horrible ending they can, the big corpo scumbags. Let us take on the karmic tarnish to your soul so you don't have to - that's the RPS guarantee! And you can watch them stream this live, right here, at 6pm BST!

Watch on YouTube

As you can see, they're on part four of this regular stream, The Bastard Run, and it's all going very well, i.e. badly. One thing they've introduced to make their bad decision making go a bit faster is the Wheel Of Misfortune. Every character they come across, the Nasty Boys spin the wheel and let that decide the hapless NPC's fate: good (they can live) or evil (that's a hammering). The wheel also includes an ask the audience option, although the audience usually go for "shoot them in the knee", which is nice.

If you miss the stream, fear not: we'll keep it archived here for you. And if you just miss the VidBuds, you can check out their other regular livestream on Mondays, The PC Gaming Weekspot, as well as liking and subscribing to the channel for all the rest of their excellent highjinkery.

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