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The Outer Worlds touches down on Steam this month

Plenty jobs going at the new branch

Rootin' tootin' corporate space western The Outer Worlds reckons it's time to recruit some new interstellar cowboys. After a year of blasting its way around The Epic Games system, Obsidian's Fallout-lite sci-fi romp is preparing to mosey on into Steam's parlour in just under two weeks.

After all, what better place for a tale of unchecked capitalism run amok than Valve's brutally competitive storefront?

Obsidian broke word of Outer Wilds The Outer Worlds' expansion onto Steam this week with a recruitment call over on Twitter. Is it still funny to confuse those two? Asking for games journalists everywhere.

Released last year, The Outer Worlds was Obsidian's first shot at pulling a New Vegas-style first-person RPG since, well, Fallout: New Vegas. Let loose in a solar system full of corporate bastards and charming rebels with a light dose of satire. Far as I can tell, it's got some proper fun quests and will let you be an absolute dick, though is often hindered by being a bit too referential for its own good.

"The Outer Worlds is alright, innit," Alice B reckoned in her Outer Worlds review. "It’s good fun. Sit back and let the orange and neon wash over you. Boo the cartoonishly evil corporations. Exhale through your nose at their Diet Toothpaste. I bet I’ll play it again, in fact. But you can tell it could have been great, if it had taken a few more risks."

While it currently lacks a Steam page, I'd have to imagine story expansion Peril On Gorgon will make its way over, along with whatever follow-up DLC lies in store. The Outer Worlds itself is currently unpriced on Steam, but if the Epic Games and Microsoft Stores are anything to go by, expect to pay £50/€60/$60.

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