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Here's 11 minutes of The Outer Worlds' first story expansion

Go on, Gorgon

The first story expansion for The Outer Worlds won't be taking you to a relaxing corner of space for some well-earned relaxation. No, there's no rest for the wicked in corporate space so you'll be headed to an old research asteroid to find out what the heck has gone wrong. As you can bet based on the title, Peril On Gorgon will dunk you into the thick of it. You can catch one of the early quests in a new developer commentary video showing off a bit of the expansion coming in September.

The story of Gorgon will involve some miracle drug called Adrena-Time that's not all it's cracked up to be. Based on a quick health check when you arrive on the asteroid, it sounds like folks are experiencing paranoia, hallucinations, and eventually turning into murderous marauders.

There are some other new bits aside from the story that Obsidian point out during the walkthrough. Audio logs can now be found around the world to help tell the story of folks on Gorgon who aren't around anymore. You'll also be able to engage in a bit of extra stealth by hiding in the shiny blue grass growing around Gorgon that will provide cover.

Oh, and there's an extremely wild weapon that's shown off during the walkthrough as well. The Satanic-looking PET (Pest Extermination Tool) can pull enemies towards you, all the better to slice through them with your ridiculous flame spikes.

After fighting through a few marauders, finding an audio log, and picking up a missing man's flask, you can return to his wife to give her your version of his demise based on which bits you found before coming back.

Alice Bee says in her The Outer Worlds review that the sci-fi romp is at its best when it goes in original directions. Audio logs and cover grass and dangerous drugs may not be the top of the "original" list but it seems to be more of the good ol' fun that Alice says made her want to play it again and hey, that's alright innit?

Peril On Gorgon launches on September 9th for £11.99. The Outer Worlds is on the Epic Games Store for £50/$60/€60.

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