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The Outer Worlds Holographic disguises - ID cartridge locations

Find all five ID cartridges here!

Sometimes stealth is the answer for completing a quest in The Outer Worlds, but how do you get around without being seen? Sneaking behind boxes can only go so far and in space, cardboard boxes and cheaply made disguises won't cut it. You'll need the highly experimental holographic shroud.

The Outer Worlds Holographic disguises guide

Our Holographic disguises guide for The Outer Worlds has the steps to find the Holographic Shroud, how to disguise yourself, and where to find all of the ID cartridges.

The Outer Worlds Holographic Disguises guide contents

The Outer Worlds Captain's Quarters on the Unreliable - Holographic Shroud appears next to the computer. In this image, it's already been collected.

How do I use the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds?

You don't have access to this tool until you've completed the first section of the game. This means resolving the dilemma of whether to redirect the power between Edgewater or the Botanical Labs.

After getting the Unreliable out of Edgewater's atmosphere, head straight up and into the room at the top of the stairs. This is the Captain's Quarters. On the desk, you'll find the Holographic Shroud. Its functionality is separate to how other skills work, sharing more similarities with the TTD, seen in our The Outer Worlds TTD Debuffs guide.

Once you've found the Holographic Shroud, you'll then be able to use ID cartridges to sneak into restricted areas. They activate as soon as you enter if you have one and, provided you aren't walking too close to NPCs, you'll be able to walk through undetected until the bar at the bottom runs out. Don't run and certainly don't shoot as you'll blow your cover. It's also worth noting that any action taken speeds up how much the bar decreases. To refill it, you'll need to exit the restricted area.

Should you get cornered by an NPC or the bar runs out, you'll have the chance to talk your way out of a fight. To do this, you'll need to use dialog skills, which you can find out more about in our The Outer Worlds Skills guide. Should you succeed, you'll go back to the disguised state, refilling the bar and consuming one "life" - the small lights right of the bar show this. Fail or run out of "lives" and you'll likely be shot to pieces.

The added perk is that your companions will also be disguised, so you don't need to worry about them. It does last for a limited time, so sneak in, do the thing that you need to do, then get out.

The Outer Worlds ID Cartridge

ID Cartridge locations

Since you now know how to use it, there are five ID cartridges scattered throughout The Outer Worlds. Finding them is either as easy as finding it next to a restricted area, or takes a lot more work to nab it. Here are all five locations for the ID cartridges.

  • Boarst Factory ID cartridge: In the Monarch colony, there is a place called "Dry Goods and Sundry" in the town of Fallbrook. A man named Duncan Elley has the key, but you'll need to have one dialog skill (Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate) above the difficulty threshold of 50.
  • Mardet ID cartridge: When you reach the Ground Breaker, you can follow the quest line "Worst Contact". Weirdly, I found this one in two locations, one on the table to the left of the restricted area door in the Medical Bay, and one on the boxes stacked close to the Mardet's office.
  • UDL ID cartridge: This one requires some very high dialog skill checks. First head to The Ministry in Byzantium. You can either convince Holte to let you in (requires 70 Intimidate or 100 Lie), or get Caroline to let you in. Hack the computer on the right-hand corner of the room on the lower floor. Here you'll learn about a person named Caroline's problem with one of her co-workers. Head to the lunch area in the floor above and talk to her about it. She'll agree to let you in the lab. Walk past the second guard and pick the lock of the door. Inside the middle locker is the UDL ID cartridge. You'll need to talk your way out of your misdemeanours with the guard, which requires either 30 Intimidate, or 30 Lie.
  • SubLight ID cartridge: Head to Monarch's Amber Heights area. Upon arriving, head left and towards the bar at the far end of the small town. Climb the staircase in the bar and open the door to the patio. There's a locked door that requires either sufficient a 40 Lockpicking check, or Bronson's Key. You'll likely be picking this lock if you haven't found Bronson's Key. Inside, you'll find the cartridge on the bottom shelf, on top of the green container.
  • Labyrinth Security Personal ID cartridge: When you're on the mission "Brave New World", you'll be able to talk with a corporate trooper upon landing on Tartarus and still in the Unreliable. Use any dialog skill above the difficulty threshold of 70 to gain access.

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