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The Outer Worlds TTD debuffs - how to use Tactical Time Dilation

Get the jump on your enemies with TTD!

The Outer Worlds is not as large as a certain game of similar ilk, but inside the small package is a great deal of things to discover. One thing you should get the hang of very quickly is how to use the Tactical Time Dilation, or TTD for short. But how do you use it and what are the debuffs?

The Outer Worlds TTD debuffs guide

Our TTD debuffs guide for The Outer Worlds will go over everything you need to know about TTD. It will also list how to inflict debuffs on enemies.

The Outer Worlds TTD debuffs guide contents

the outer worlds tactical time dilation

How do I use TTD in The Outer Worlds?

You'll learn how to use Tactical Time Dilation (TTD for short) rather early on in the game. It works a little like VATS did in Fallout 76, in that it slows down time and you can use this to make shooting enemies a breeze. Simply press the Q button on your keyboard to initiate it.

Doing so will cause the purple bar below your health in the top left corner of the screen to drain. Standing still will make it drain really slowly, while moving and attacking drain it quickly.

Once the bar is depleted or you press Q again to drop out, you won't be able to use TTD again until the bar is at least up to the white line on the purple bar. If you want to use it again quickly, try to limit how much of the bar you use before initiating it once more.

the outer worlds ttd bleed

TTD debuffs

Now that you know how to use TTD, there's one more thing you should definitely know. Using TTD allows you to inflict status ailments on your opponents. It can make fights against enemies with more formidable power a little easier. To do this, you'll need at least 20 points into each of the Ranged skills, or 40 points into each of the Melee skills. You can find out more about both of them in our The Outer Worlds Skills guide. Once that's done, use TTD and focus in on the enemy's limbs to see what status ailment you can inflict.

  • Blind - Achieved by shooting in the head or using a bladed weapon, this reduces vision range of targets, and reduces ranged weapon accuracy.
  • Stagger - By shooting the target's torso or hitting them with a weapon of the equipped special effect, you'll push the target back a short distance, reducing Melee, Ranged, and Defense skills. It also increases the amount of Physical Damage received.
  • Maim - Shoot the target's arms or using a bladed weapon to chop at them. This reduces the target's damage output.
  • Cripple - Shooting the target's legs or using a bladed weapon will reduce movement speed, melee attack speed, and rate of fire.
  • Weaken - Shooting or using a bladed weapon on the enemy's groin area will lower all skills a moderate amount, with the target taking increased Plasma, Corrosion, and N-Ray damage.
  • Bleed - Slash at the enemy's torso with a bladed weapon. Deals damage over time and reduces the body's attributes. Doesn't affect Automechanicals.
  • Knockdown - This effect happens when you hit or shoot the torso with a weapon of the equipped special effect. Knocks the target to the ground, making them unable to take any action for a short time.
  • Execute - By targeting the neck area, there's a chance you can execute an enemy, killing them instantly. (Thanks to the user "PuffyThePenguin" for the clarification on where to aim for this debuff)

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