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Outer Wilds writer has now written for The Outer Worlds, so I'll never get the names right


For the past two years, I have confused the name Outer Wilds with The Outer Worlds. I will say one space game's name when I mean the other. I will expand one name into 'The Outer Wilds' and trim the other to 'Outer Worlds'. I will trip and combined the two into 'Outer Woilds'. I hate this. AND NOW, Outer Wilds writer Kelsey Beachum has declared she wrote for the newly-announced The Outer Worlds DLC, Peril On Gorgon. This is too much.

Beachum announced the good/terrible news on Twitter shortly after Obsidian revealed Gorgon during Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase stream tonight.

As the kids say, I shan't even.

These names are the bane of my career. I don't blame Outer Wilds devs Mobius Digital, because they were first. It's all the fault of Obsidian Entertainment, who announced--let me check I've got this right--The Outer Worlds years after the other one.

Kelsey herself had previously tried to help people out of this linguistic hole with a mnemonic device, which is now useless:

Earlier this year, after Obsidian hired her, she said "don’t worry, I am working on a clearer mnemonic. Possibly: 'Obsidian's the studio I w*O*rk for, and they made The Outer W*O*rlds'?"

I hate this. I mean, I'm happy for her and her career. And Outer Wilds was our favourite game of 2019. But... all this. I am too delicate for this. From now on, nobody is ever allowed to correct me when I mix up the names, because it is no longer my fault. If this doesn't kill me, Old World and New World will.

Correction: This post originally said "Outer Wilds writer Kelsey Beachum has declared she wrote for the newly-announced The Outer Wilds DLC" and I swear to god that was not intentional. I hate this.

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