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Play Sea of Thieves and Halo: Reach for pennies - Game Pass is only £1 right now

All this forza pound!

I’ve been spending the past few weeks playing co-op games with my BFF. I wanted to try Sea of Thieves, because when I’m not dreaming of being an astronaut, I’m dreaming of being a pirate. Being Scottish, I suggested we use Game Pass, Microsoft’s games subscription service, and was surprised to see that it was only £1. Then I was surprised to see that the next renewal date for my sub is April. Score!

It’s a holiday discount, so you’ll probably need to be super quick, and though it claims that it’s “your first 3 months”, I had already signed up and unsubbed from Game Pass when Sea of Thieves was first released and I still got the deal. If this doesn't work for you, you can probably sign up for a new account. Microsoft aren’t shy about putting games up there. You can enjoy Halo: Reach for a paltry amount for a few months.

Here's what you could syphon off Microsoft's servers for that measly quid.

Forza Horizon 4, which I’m told was one of RPS’s 2018 favourites. It's not one of those dour racing games, but an open-world racing game across a tweely realised Great Britain. I'll be playing it this weekend.

Sea of Thieves and its expansions. I joined because I'd heard that the new missions were fun and plentiful. But we got ganked five minutes after joining and my BFF decided it wasn’t for him. I was not aware that pirates could be so cruel.

The Outer Worlds is a big chunk of decent RPGing from Obsidian, who are so good at such things that Microsoft decided to own them.

Halo: Reach doesn't have bumslides, but it's otherwise a vast shooter that finally brings Halo back to the PC.

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