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The Outer Worlds text size patch delayed to Monday

Patch? No. Patch notes? Yes, come in!

Patch for The Outer Worlds, which was expected to launch this week, ended up delayed at short notice. Developers Obsidian Entertainment have pushed the patch back slightly due a situation that was out of their control, but thankfully only to Monday the 18th of November. I can tell you that the best fix of the entire patch is an increase to dialogue and subtitle text that will prevent you from giving yourself early crow's feet and a chronic headache.

Obsidian apologised for the delay, citing "unforeseen circumstances" as the cause. I don’t think that the delay is too bad when you consider that it’s only a few days, but then I wasn’t looking forward to finally completing a certain mission or avoiding a nagging crash this weekend.

Here's what the patch will fix:

  • The crashing issue in Tartarus
  • Increase Font Size - Conversations/Subtitles
  • Muffled sound effects occur at random times for players on the PS4
  • Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova
  • Unable to finish "Radio Free Monarch"
  • Trophy "Not the Best Choice" fails to unlock properly

The most important fix of this patch (no not the one about being able to finish Radio Free Monarch) has to be the larger text. If a game’s subtitles or dialogue text is too small then I often have to completely ignore them, or squint at the screen and lean in close like I’m trying to ascertain the carat of a diamond.

I suppose it’s also quite important that you now won’t be able to fail companion quests due to their untimely deaths, outside of Supernova difficulty, since that’s meant to be part of the game’s design anyway. Running around Tartarus without random crashes should also make a good chunk of The Outer Worlds far less infuriating. Random crashes are the worst, and there are some on Tartarus that can only be avoided by dismissing companions, forcing a disguise to fail, or prematurely murdering an NPC if you were thinking about killing them anyway.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the game without a patch from the developers, Craig Pearson put together a few tweaks to The Outer Worlds that he uses to make it a little bit better.

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