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Obsidian blasting off to The Outer Worlds in October

Look like Obsidian Entertainment's blast off again

Obsidian Entertainment's oddball sci-fi FPS-RPG The Outer Worlds will first launch on October 25th, Microsoft announced during the night's newsblast. What surprised me in the trailer is a feature I'd missed: the game has a shrink ray which blasts wibbly shrinkbeams until the target becomes diddy. A must-have weapon. I know young Matt will meet Obsidian at E3 later this week so I must press him to press them for an answer to the pressing question: can I shrink myself by shooting the ray into a mirror?

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I still don't have a handle on what the game is beneath the marketing. Trailers make it look heavy on the ol' real-time violence but that's very much not something I think of Obsidian as being good at. Their track record on that front has been pretty bad, what with Alpha Protocol (which I do still like, don't get me wrong, but it's a masterclass in making shooting frustrating in an RPG) and Fallout: New Vegas and... hey, Matt, corner the smallest Obsidianeer and shout "TELL ME WHY YOU THINK YOU'RE CAPABLE OF VIOLENCE" at them until they demonstrate. Thanks in advance!

Made by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Take-Two's Private Division label, The Outer Worlds will debut October 25th on the Epic Games Store and Microsoft's Xshop (Obsidian are now owned by Microsoft) for £50/$60. A Steam release will follow in 2020.

No, it's nowt to do with Outer Wilds.

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