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Chime Sharp Peals Out Of Early Access In June

Steam coda

Music puzzler Chime Sharp [official site] now has a release date. Well, a release month. That month is June which I guess would make Chime Sharp either a Gemini or a Cancer.

Asking Alice to check the horoscopes for the game in the most recent edition of our favourite "true ghost stuff" magazine I can advise the following for the game this summer:

If Gemini

A childhood sweetheart will pop back into your life and Mars will dive into your relationship sector in August. Sexy texts "keep the thrill of a relationship alive". Hot summer dates are June 20, July 16 and August 10. Your best herbal tea is Peppermint.

If Cancer

June is when you can head abroad for hot holiday passion but August looks a bit rubbish. You also "have a soft underbelly" like an actual crab. "Mars in your Romance Sector controls your love switch - it's off then on then off again." Kind of like a cooker that's on the blink, I guess. Hot summer dates are June 17, July 4, and July 17. Eucalyptus is your plant but I'm not sure if you're allowed to just substitute in some Olbas Oil.

I suppose this is the part where I talk about the game and not sexy ghost astrology.

"Described as a crossover between a music sequencer and Tetris, Chime Sharp tasks players to place various shapes together in a race against the clock, while the passing beatline reads the blocks as notes, remixing melodies from various pop songs. The goal is to cover the whole playing grid by completing quads of 3x3 or more and generate points while enjoying melodic works by musicians from around the world. With a brand new song list, fifteen unique levels and experimental modes, the beloved Chime is finally back and ready to shine in its complete makeover."

Chime Sharp is currently in early access so June is more of an official statement of finishedness than an availability thing. Fancy a trailer?

Cover image for YouTube video

[Disclosure: Ste Curran was creative director of the original Chime and now of Chime Sharp. I sometimes guest on the radio show he runs with Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury, One Life Left. I have also attended Eurovision parties with him (not this year), chatted with him about Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber on multiple occasions, and we have also partaken of a cheeky Nandos along with our mutual friend, James. James owns laser gloves and his own smoke machine. He is a ledge and the archbishop of banterbury etc etc. I forget where I was going with this. Oh yes. Basically that's a disclaimer of some kind: Ste is a friend but he has also sometimes puts me on The List. That is a bad thing. I have also never played Chime or Chime Sharp so I guess I'm going to be back on The List for a long while yet.]

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