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Chrono Trigger adds ultrawide support with first patch in years

Square Enix have improved it a lot since launch!

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When Square Enix first released RPG classic Chrono Trigger on PC in 2018, it was in a sorry state. Their 'updated' version was worse than the 1995 original, with blurry sprites, ugly menus, an incongruous font, and other problems. But they fixed it up a lot with patches, and now, almost four years since the last patch, they've applied a fresh coat of polish with another welcome update.

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This week's new update introduces support for 21:9 screen ratios, so people on the bleeding edge of expensive hardware can enjoy a game from the last millenium. D-pad controls are improved. The speed of Auto Battles is boosted to 1.5x. It also increases the number of save slots to 20. They've fixed a few bugs. Tweaked a few other bits and pieces. None of this is super-huge but it's all welcome.

See the Chrono Trigger March 2022 Update notes for more details.

Chrono Trigger was about the time Square Enix released oh, maybe it's not cool to release rubbish versions of beloved games. They'd spent a few years releasing ugly ports of mobile versions of vintage JRPGs, including loads of janky Final Fantasies. With Chrono Cross, they took the time to go back and fix it up, make it more palatable. Since then, they've released new and better versions as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. May they continue to demonstrate care and caution.

To celebrate the update, Chrono Trigger is half-price on Steam right now. Until Thursday the 17th, it can be yours for £5.99/€7.49/$7.49.

We'll still tell you Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs on PC.

Square Enix recently announced a Chrono Cross remaster, planning to release Chrono Trigger's 1999 not-a-sequel with updated art and new quality-of-life features on the 7th of April.

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