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Chucklefish announce a sequel to their strategy throwback Wargroove 2

Advancing war even further

Wargroove was a surprise hit when it launched in 2019, and thankfully, we’re now getting more nostalgic tactical battles in a coastal oriented sequel. Publisher Chucklefish today announced Wargroove 2 in partnership with Pathway devs Robotality. There’s no date set for Wargroove 2’s release, but it’ll launch on PC and Switch whenever it’s ready.

Cover image for YouTube videoWargroove 2 - Announcement Trailer

The turn-based strategy sequel received a snappy trailer alongside the exciting announcement. The short teaser shows the three interwoven campaigns that are coming with additional commanders, units, and strategic abilities. Chucklefish also teased a new roguelike mode called Conquest, which is already threatening all my free time. Other teased features include co-op and multiplayer modes for up to four players, and an expanded editor for maps, campaigns, and even cutscenes.

The soundtrack is being written by Dale North, best known for his work on River City Girls, and my personal favourite tune, the Nintendo eShop sounds.

The original strategy game was so endearing thanks to its chill vibes and Advance Wars flavoured turn-based battles, although Wargroove swaps the military tanks for skeletal horsemen. Our original review said it “is faithful to not just the spirit but the body of its inspiration, keeping both the pleasures and some pains of the old toy war game.” After its successful launch, Chucklefish continued to update the game with free DLC, added co-op, and handy cross-play between PC and console friends. So, I’m excited to see where the sequel goes after its own release.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, Wargroove is available on Steam for £16/€17/$20. You can also wishlist the sequel and stare at its pretty pixelated screenshots until it’s ready.

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