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Wargroove's PC and console players can now play together

Console each other

It can be lonely being a Wargroove multiplayer fan. I hopped into Chucklefish’s Advance Wars-inspired strategy game the other day and there was only one game in the public lobby. I’m too shy to join such a game, so I left. But the latest patch might make that less of an issue, as it gathers up all the console versions and the PC and lets them play together.

As Chucklefish blogged: "From the very early stages of development, we knew that playing Wargroove multiplayer was not only incredibly fun, but also a huge part of the game's experience, which made supporting crossplay between all platforms a no-brainer for us."

The free Wargroove: Double Trouble DLC that arrived on PC a few months back is the basis for all this, as it has a new lobby system for multiplayer games. It's just been added to the PS4 version, and it was the final piece in the jigsaw. Now we can play with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch players! Both competitive and cooperative modes are supported, and you’ll even be able to share any of your own maps across the grand technological divide.

It’s always nice to see such things, to remind us all we’re basically the same. That, at heart, we all just want to slowly move around on squares and raze enemies to the ground. We’re all human. Unless we pick the dog commander, obviously.

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As a wee test, I just jumped back into the menu and can see games hosted on the Nintendo Switch in there now. It works!

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