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Wargroove's free co-op DLC arrives in February

Free and groovy

The pixely dog warrior tactics game Wargroove is getting a free DLC next month centered around a new co-op focused campaign. The Double Trouble DLC is dropping on February 6th. Just in time, I suppose, for the day that co-op life partners celebrate together. Double Trouble also adds new commanders, units, and arcade missions.

Double Trouble's story campaign introduces new Outlaw faction commanders and sets your brigands off on "the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen" by snatching riches from four very fantasy-sounding locations. You'll be able to bring along the Thieves and Riflemen units along with the Outlaw commanders.

Although Double Trouble's campaign is designed for co-op, you don't actually have to play together. The new story can be tackled in online co-op, couch co-op, or solo. For online players, Double Trouble also adds online multiplayer lobbies where you can host a public or private session.

A year ago, Brendy Caldwell said in his Wargroove review that although he enjoyed the game and its faithful hearkening back to Advance Wars, he did at times find the difficulty balance a bit frustrating.

"You can grit your teeth through these spikes in difficulty," he says. "Or you can take to the options menu, where you can adjust meters that reduce the amount of damage you take, or result in more gold flushing into your pockets."

Chucklefish say that Double Trouble will also launch alongside an update bringing balance changes to several commanders and troops, which will hopefully serve to assuage past balance issues.

You can grab Wargroove on Steam for £16/€17/$20 and the DLC for free next month.

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