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Cities: Skylines Wiped Out In Natural Disasters Trailer

Apocalypse sometime this winter

Several cities in the popular construction sim Cities: Skylines [official site] have been destroyed or heavily damaged by a freak series of natural disasters. A tornado, earthquake, forest fire, meteor impact and flood all occurred within seconds of each other and devastated a number of metropolises, killing thousands of tiny people who do not really exist. Footage of the deadly phenomenon was captured by the developers of the game, who are thrilled with the result. Warning: the following video footage contains images some viewers may find mildly interesting.

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That was some very chipper music for such a destructive 70 seconds. This new DLC is due out some time this winter and will see the disasters mentioned above triggering either at unexpected moments or whenever you damn well please. There will be new features like early warning systems, helicopter response teams and radio stations to help evacuate some of the luckier virtual citizens before the worst happens, but also to cope with the aftermath and help contain the disaster and rebuild the city.

As an extra, developers Colossal Order are throwing in a Scenario Mode, which lets you create cities or cities-to-be with their own custom objectives, win conditions and time limits, which you can then share on the Steam Workshop. I am looking forward to creating a city made entirely of landfills and a single overpopulated highrise, then sharing it under the title “The Most Beautiful City Ever Conceived”.

Paradox also announced a European Club Pack for their free Match Day DLC recently - a pack that lets you add your favourite footsports teams to your city. Just think of that. For £6 (plus whatever the Disasters expansion costs) you will soon be able to fulfill your lifelong dream of crushing the entire Juventus FC team underneath a comet. Incredible.

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