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Civilizationcraft Gets Spiritual "Gods and Kings" Update

Let's get religious.

No matter how many variants of “cool human does awesome thing in Minecraft” [official site] stories I hear about, I’m always blown away by the ingenuity some people have. This time, a team of modders have managed to bring much of Civilization [official site] into Mojang’s burgeoning sandbox. The mod is called Civilizationcraft [official site], and a new update has just added religion to the game.

All of the signature pieces of the Civilization series are here: you can launch invasions, build infrastructure, and even have diplomatic slap fights with your neighbors about who gets to have nukes -- just like the real world.

This weekend the team stirred the pot with a bunch of new features in their “Gods and Kings” update. Like the Civilization V DLC of the same name, this version reworks quite a few important bits. Specifically, parts of the tech tree have been overhauled and balanced to even the game out. Victory conditions have finally been added as well. So players actually have grand-scale goals to work for. By which of course they now have a reason to launch nukes at each other, besides the sadistic pleasure in undoing hundreds of hours of mining and crafting.

The patch, as you may have already guessed, folds religion into the mix, letting players earn faith for one of four major churches. So now everyone can dress up in their finest diamond armor and denounce the evils of digging straight down or proselytize the good news of shepherding. Or, more likely, someone will start some really nasty crusades over who’s got the larger giant golden dong statue.

For more information, this Reddit post summarises the patch notes well. Do not, as we once did, mistake Civilizationcraft for Civcraft.

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