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Clearing Up Crytek Confusion

Next-Gen.biz seem to have gotten some clarity out of Crytek over their platform plans for the Crysis series. Crysis Warhead was long in development as a PC exclusive before studio boss Cevat Yerli announced they were going multi-platform.

However, from now on their games will be released across the range of platforms, obviously still including the PC. Crytek's business manager, Harald Seeley, added,

"[W]e had no desire or intention to disappoint our loyal PC fans."

Um... There were possibly slightly more uplifting approaches that could have been available. Anyhow, he states that the different platforms will receive different treatments.

"Of course we're also aware of the danger of making a game that is only designed for one particular audience and platform, and failing to meet the needs of the others. So any game we create will always offer something unique on each platform and will be carefully tuned to both the capabilities and strengths of that platform, as well as the intended audience."

Interestingly, Seeley seemed reluctant to leap up and down waving anti-piracy banners, choosing to keep rather calm about the whole business.

"While we are certainly very concerned about piracy and copy protection, we are also concerned about the potential opposite problem, that of inconveniencing legitimate buyers with newer measures that interfere too greatly with their enjoyment of the product."

He adds that whatever copy protection they do use, they'll be very unlikely to announce it before release.

And no play.tm, it isn't "another nail in the coffin of PC gaming" that a publisher is making another PC exclusive, and then continuing to develop for the PC along with other platforms. If you don't stop this nonsense I'll set Gabe Newell on you.

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