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Crysis Remastered is available on Steam now

But can your PC run it at 8K?

Crysis Remastered landed on the Epic Games Store last year, and the Crysis Trilogy Remastered will similarly don its freshly dry-cleaned nanosuits for Epic's store on October 15th. But as of today, you can also grab Crysis Remastered from Steam.

Crysis Remastered is what the name suggests: the original 2006 first-person shooter with a daub of 4K and 8K paint applied on top. When I played it last September, I wasn't overwhelmed. The graphical upgrade isn't substantial, and there's a decent chance most of the additions are things your computer can't handle.

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Beyond that, there are also still bugs from the original game present, and it defaults to the (in my view inferior) nanosuit power system from the sequels.

This is a problem considering that the original Crysis was a graphical powerhouse in 2006 and still looks pretty good today. It's also regularly discounted down to under £5, while the remaster will cost you £20 even with a 20% launch discount. Crysis Remastered - and probably the forthcoming Trilogy - are more interesting for bringing the games to new consoles, rather than for us with PCs and long memories.

The only caveat to my dourness over the remaster is that Crysis remains a good, interesting first-person shooter. Using the nanosuit powers to jump on rooftops, punch through walls, turn invisible, and hurl chickens at enemies remains fun fifteen years later, and its wide corridor maps are regularly approachable in a range of exciting ways. Even in the latter stages of the game where it infamously becomes more rigid and frustrating, it at least does its cinematic bombast well.

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