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Cloudle is Wordle for weather forecasts

For if your meteorology is better than your vocabulary

If you want to flex your meterology rather than your vocabulary, check out a neat new free game inspired by Worlde: Cloudle. Each day, it asks players to guess the five-day weather forecast for a random city around the world, filling out a grid with weather symbols. It's Wordle but with weather, and I like it.

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You can play Cloudle for free in your browser. It's made by Rob Ousbey, who released it on April Fool's Day.

In the usual Wordle way, you're filling out a grid with guesses. Here, we select weather symbols rather than type in words, trying to guess the forecast for the next five days in a random city. Then in the usual Wordle way, it'll tell us if a symbol doesn't appear in the forecast at all, if it appears but not in the place selected, or if we have it correct. You get six guesses for the day's puzzle.

People who religiously watch the forecast have a clear advantage here, but it's not random if you don't know. Today's puzzle is Giza, the second-largest city in Egypt. I got in three (ignore that do-over screenshot I snapped to avoid giving too many spoilers) and can explain my reasoning a little. I've spoiler-tagged it, so click the mysterious blank space below if you want.

So, Egypt. Out the gate, I'm guessing sunshine. I think the rainy season is about wrapped up so yeah, lots of sun. I fill it with five days of ☀, knowing this is not a good deductive approach but thinking it would be cool if I nailed it on my first guess. Not quite, but this tells me yes, I have some sunny days in the right position. I fill my incorrect squares with ⛅ (again, not an ideal diagnostic approach but I am trying to style it out), and find Tuesday and Wednesday are now correct too but not Monday. Well, if I know Monday isn't ☀ or ⛅, it's likely that two days of ⛅ might follow one day of ☁️, and it does. Hooray. Got it in three.

I do enjoy trying all the new games which are inspired by Wordle but aren't about words at all. Like Heardle, about guessing songs from their openings. Or Who Are Ya? guessing mystery football players. Or for film buffs, Framed is guessing movies from frames and The Box Office Game has historical takings. And Nerdle has maths. And Worldle has maps. And... there are so many more, even before we get into the innumerable wordy Wordle variants.

Have you added many variants to your daily rotation, reader dear?

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