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Co-op Christening: The Behemoth's Game 4 Is Pit People

Turn-based co-op adventuring

Baby names are terrible. Parents cram all their hopes for their child into a name that'll define it for years, and the poor child will come to spend years running from that dream. "Call me Ace," little Tinkerbell Fifi Rose Helmet Smyth tells children who instantly decide they don't want to be friends with her. No, don't name children at all. Use a codename until they're old enough and their life clear enough. That's what developers The Behemoth do.

The turn-based tactical kill-o-adventure formerly known as Game 4 is now Pit People [official site].

Pit People sees a group of heroes venturing across a weird apocalyptic wasteland (a giant bear shattered the planet, yeah?), doing battle in turn-based hexy combat, finding loot, and generally questing. It's got single-player, but also co-op and why wouldn't you play in co-op?

Sadly no word on a release date yet, but see how it all works in this work-in-progress look from back in May, showing off the first twenty minutes of the game then known as Game 4:

Watch on YouTube

The name's come full circle really, The Behemoth explain in a blog post:

"Pit People was the name written on the original concept sketch that started it all. Every interaction took place in an arena. Over time, adventuring became a big part of the game. However, a key moment in the story now occurs in the Pit, and so the name remained! In the end, we’re in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!"

Everything's cyclical, including the giant bear due to crash into our planet.

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