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Hex And The Witty: Behemoth Game 4 Is Tactical, Co-op

Tactical, turn-based, twisted

The Behemoth have a strong track record. Actually, 'strong' may not be the right word - the track is littered with banana skins and slick pools of blood, and dappled with spluttering sprinkles of deer poo. Castle Crashers, simple thing that it is, was one of my favourite XBLA games. Prop a couple of friends on a couch with controllers in their hands and the cartoon lunacy of the world is a joyous thing to beat seven thousand shades of shite out of. Battleblock Theater is a lovely thing as well, with the best narrator since Bastion. That narrator returns in 'Game 4', which has now been revealed. It's a turn-based tactical game, made up of delicious hexes. The singleplayer mode is showing at PAX and the short video below follows each playthrough.

The Behemoth state that "Game 4 was revealed as a turn-based co-op adventure", which is just about the dandiest thing that they could have stated. Is it too much to hope for the joys of Castle Crashers with the intricacies of Disgaea, Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics? As far as I can see, there's no confirmation of platforms or release dates yet, but a period of Xbonesclusivity wouldn't surprise me.

I'd say it's a sad day when any tactical game doesn't recognise that my hard drive is it's natural home but to do so would be to admit that we have been living in sorrowful times for many years. Still no Valkyria Chronicles or any of the three mentioned above. There are always gaps.

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