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Co-op sub sim Barotrauma will leave early access this spring

Increasing price on February 10th

Barotrauma is a co-op scifi submarine sim, which is a great thing to be. It's been navigating the murky depths of early access for the past three years but is now prepping for a 1.0 this spring. Prepareations in this case mean "pre-patch" with "final fixes and changes" the development team wanted to make before the big release day comes, and a price increase in two weeks time.

Cover image for YouTube videoBarotrauma update trailer: Urban Expanses

"For many players, the most noteworthy additions in this pre-patch are reworked poisons and status effects," says the patch notes post on Steam. The bad news, the devs say, is that these changes will break some mods - although they hope those mods' creators will have a chance to fix things before 1.0.

The changes to poisons do seem substantial, in that they can now be used on monsters and the effect of poisoning is more varied.

"In preparation for our 1.0 release, we are going to adjust Barotrauma’s pricing on Steam in two weeks, on February 10," says the post. That leaves two weeks to buy it at its original price - or less, given that it's currently 80% off on Steam, to "give everyone one last good deal on the game before we reach 1.0." There's no reveal of what Barotrauma's new price will be after the change.

We haven't had a proper look at Barotrauma since it first released, when we sent exactly the man you want on an underwater expedition, Nate Crowley. Nate found it rough, but a hoot, like a modern successor to Space Station 13. I'm intrigued to see what it's like after three years of updates.

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