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Coast down The Molten Falls in Quake Champions update

The floor, and everything else, is lava

Quake Champions is a fascinating experiment in remaking a game and trying to make that game both exactly like the original game but just More. The title has been impressively on top of their game, regarding monthly-ish updates and the addition of new characters, maps, and balance tweaks. They've also made the way that you and your pals explode into meat much more specific. Now, there's a way to free yourself of your terrible online name choices AND there's a beautiful, relaxing river cruise down The Molten Falls, in a newly added map.

Player Rename Tokens (1500 Platinum) are now available in the store, which gives you a one time chance to change your tag. It's 33% off for the first month, in case you have an embarrassing mistake worth rectifying.

Then there's the new map: The Molten Falls is a Goroth Map from Doomworld. It's designed as a very vertical location with wide lanes and ample lines of sight. Also on display: Gothic architecture, tons of pick-ups, and as expected, the floor is lava.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 10.02.22 AM

Rich wrote a piece for us about whether Quake Champions' updates have been actively improving the game, which gets into a bunch of fascinating balance issues and is also the first time I've been made away that B.J. Blazkowicz is in the game -- on loan from his new IP owners. Rich's piece also includes this incredible line about QC that is worth repeating here:

He’s the video game version of The Simpsons’ Poochie: an attitude-by-numbers toon cooked up by an undead focus group whose members all died when Papa Roach released their first album. But he’s not even the most ‘90s thing about Quake Champions. That would be the game itself, a resolutely old-school arena shooter that — in full flow — feels as fast and fluid as Quake 3 did in 1999.

The official statement on these updates is right here, and it includes more than 100 small balance tweaks and UI/game updates in a more detailed report, which you can read at this here set of different colored words.

Quake Champions is available on Steam.

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