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Coffee Talk Episode 2 will be available from Game Pass on day one

Take a sip

We already knew that Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly was arriving on April 20th. Now we know that it'll launch on Game Pass on day one.

Here's a trailer, where characters discuss the release:

Cover image for YouTube videoCoffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly - Coming to Game Pass

Hibiscus & Butterfly continues to tell the stories of the customers of a late-night café in alternate, fantasy Seattle, where humans peacefully co-exist alongside orcs, satyrs, cops and merpeople. It's your job as the coffee shop's sole barista to make people drinks, to chat, and to have a generally chill, cosy time.

Like the original, Episode 2 is mostly about those relaxing conversations, with a bunch of returning and a handful of new customers entering your shop. There are also new ingredients (like the titular Hibiscus) and a new system whereby customers will hand in found items and you'll need to return them to their actual owner. Presumably doing so will unlock new conversation options.

There's a Coffee Talk Episode 2 demo available through Steam if you don't want to wait the four weeks until its release.

Sin liked the original Coffee Talk in her review, finding it a short, mellow time. I think Katharine liked it even more and is still listening to the soundtrack now.

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