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Colourful cosmic explore 'em up Epitasis launches in May

Still would take that nap though

Sci-fi explore-o-puzzle game Epitasis will be appearing, as if through a mysterious portal, in stores in May. Players will be dropped into an ancient civilization, where they’ll have to poke around and solve various little conundrums on the way to figuring out the underlying mystery of what happened to all the aliens that used to live here. I could sit here and stare at its colourful screenshots and gifs all day, but instead I’ll share the trailer with you so that we can ooh and ahh over its bright beauty together.

Cover image for YouTube video

The trailer only gives a sideways hint at the story, which involves going through that shimmering portal and finding yourself on a strange planet. Presumably you don’t mind leaving the entirety of your life and everyone you know behind, because it’s very pretty out here in space.

I wrote about this game just last week when I was taken in by a gif posted for Screenshot Saturday. I was very tired and said that I wanted to take a nap in the sunshine, like a cat. I’m more awake this week, so I’m back to wanting to take a long walk and soak in all that lovely greenery (and…orange-ry?) and stare at the very many, very beautiful stars.

That’s essentially what Pip did in the demo the game had back when it was crowdfunding. “I’ve mostly been walking around to take a closer look at structures or to screenshot light shafts piercing the treeline,” she said, which is basically the only way to play video games as far as I’m concerned.

Epitasis is scheduled to release on itch.io and Steam on May 1st.

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