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Epitasis now puzzling on an alien planet

So no one told you life was gonna be this way; your job's a joke, you're broke, a portal sucked you away. That's just another Wednesday for me, though for you warping to an alien world to explore the ruins of a long-dead civilisation and solve puzzles might be more novel. If so, you might fancy a look at Epitasis, released today.

There we are, going about our Earthling business, when we find a portal and... well, you know what portals are like. Soon we're exploring the an alien world, poking around ruins, messing with technology, aligning lasers, putting crates on buttons, finding artefacts... puzzle game things. What I've seen reminds me a bit of first-person puzzlers like The Talos Principle, Myst, and J.Blo's Puzzle Island.

I do always have a fear that games which open with several hours of peaceful puzzling will slowly transition to horror. Sounds over the horizon. Movement seen out the corner of my eye, distant enough that I assume it was grass in the wind or a glitch. Sounds behind me. Objects not being where I left them. Sounds all around me. MONSTERS IN MY FACE. I do not think Epitasis will do any of this. I still fear it might. Nice one, Alice, really done a number on yourself.

You can still download the old alpha demo which accompanied its successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017 but obviously that's pretty outdated now.

Epitasis is out now for Windows and Mac from Steam and Itch.io. A 10% launch discount brings it down to £13.94/$17.99 until next Wednesday, May 8th. It's made by Epitasis Games, which I believe is basically just Lucas Govatos, with music from Funk Fiction.

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