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Commandos 2 HD Remaster is due a patch fixing bugs and poor performance

War, war changes for the worse

A fancied-up rerelease of a venerated WW2 squad tactics game sounds grand but the reality of Commands 2 HD Remaster is less splendid. Following its launch on Friday, many players have complained about bugs and poor performance - a surprising problem considering it doesn't look wildly different to its original incarnation 19 years ago. The makers responded over the weekend, saying ah, yeah, whoops, we'll try to do something about all this. They're working on a patch, though don't say when we should expect it.

Player reviews on Steam are 45% positive, and a whole lot of that positivity seems to be because Commandos 2 is still there beneath the bugs. Should probably just play the original Commandos 2 instead for now, chums.

"Even though we simply cannot get back to every single post that has been and will be made, we wanted to tell everybody, that we appreciate and welcome all constructive feedback," developers Yippee! Entertainment and publishers Kalypso Media said in Sunday's joint statement. And they'll try to fix it.

"We can't yet say which changes will be implemented but we’ve seen where to start and prioritised the following topics, which have been frequently raised with the community, in the lead-up to the game's next update," they explained. These are:

  • General bugfixing and further game improvements, based on all your feedback
  • General performance improvements and optimizations.
  • More zooming out levels added.
  • Minimap Navigation will be added.

Yup, those are problems alright. No firm word on when this update might hit.

I myself still think the remastered art is worse, losing the style of the original textures beneath a layer or grit, but I'm a hoary old purist who plays Quake without texture filtering. I've also seen some folks grumble about this refresh removing Nazi iconography from levels, though that's a thornier issue.

I understand that our resident tactical man, Tim Stone, has been deployed behind enemy lines on a mission to return with a Commandos 2 HD review. At some point. He's praised the original and its art style before.

Kalsypo Media are on a big Commandos kick, recently opening a new studio dedicated to Commandos. This is not the most auspicious start.

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