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Company Of Heroes 3's release date retreats to February 2023

The RTS had been scheduled to deploy this November

Upcoming real-time strategy threequel Company Of Heroes 3 has been delayed to February 23rd, 2023, Sega and devs Relic Entertainment have announced. The game had been due to launch next month on November 17th, but Relic say they need extra time for "bug fixing, balancing, and polishing". This is all just tweaking time, apparently, as Relic have finished development of the game’s features.

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Company Of Heroes 3 is the first game in the series in nearly a decade.

“The factions, units, modes, campaigns and modding tools for CoH3 are all set for launch,” Relic said. “Now it’s just a matter of tuning and polishing everything to deliver on that core experience.” A lot of the areas Relic have been working on came to light through Company Of Heroes 3’s community feedback platform. Some of this feedback’s already been brought into the game.

Company Of Heroes 3’s dynamic campaign map now has more aggressive AI, faster travel thanks to seaport and airport tweaks, and an updated supply system. Relic have also zhuzhed up the lighting, and have worked on making the game feel grittier and more detailed by fine tuning and improving shaders. They’ve fiddled with the UI and HUD layout too, and tweaked the minimap and camera positioning to make things clearer. Character voice-overs now have their native accents, too.

Relic revealed Company Of Heroes 3 back in July 2021. Nate (RPS in peace) had a hands-on preview then, and felt there was a lot of scope for replayability. “Simply put, there's an awful lot of freedom offered to the player, and the variability resulting from it serves as an invitation to play over and over again, trying out alternative methods,” he said. “Low replayability has been the downside to many an RTS classic, and so it's bloody welcome here.”

Company Of Heroes is now expected to launch on February 23rd, 2023. You’ll be able to nab it on Steam for £50/$60/€60.

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