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Computing Disputing: Argument Champion

Free browser game Argument Champion will make you defend the indefensible. It's about debating, which makes it hard for me to imagine it's not also sort of about politics since, outside an actual debating society, I can't imagine anyone but a politician creating the sort of logical yet totally disconnected chains of unreasoning that I've been threading together for the last half hour. Your opponent has a random word/concept to defend and you choose your own from a list. The opinions of the audience hover over their heads and you must select one and then link it to your opponent's argument or your own. So if they like 'flesh' and I'm an advocate of 'dick'...well...they're in the palm of my hand. It's very clever.

Although some of the verbal connections seem a little odd, this is one of the few games that isn't explicitly a 'word game' that has language at its centre. I mostly enjoy it for the surreal scenarios it throws up though. I found myself being an advocate of 'Hazardous' and was relieved to see that the crowd absolutely adored prejudice. It was their favourite of all the things. I'd already noticed that they liked Nazis and had enthusiastically declared how hazardous a Nazi can be in order to win them over.

Then there was this exchange.

Well? Which will it be? My arguments were complex.

The conclusions incontestable.

A victory for education. Construct your own perfect argument here. There's a two player mode coming soon as well, so you can argue with a friend or loved one, and then argue with them about the argument in which you just roundly defeated them.

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