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Cortex Command is free for keepsies right now

Peachy for free

The side-scrolling shoot-o-platform-a-strategy Cortex Command is free right now on Steam--free free, forever--but you'll need to be quick. You've only got another day-and-a-bit to grab it, so hop to it. Is certainly is worth ten seconds of effort to get for free. Here, check out some of what resident RPS tactface Tim Stone thought of it in Cortex Command review:

"Unless you're defending a domestic bunker, the opening phase of any scrap generally begins with some frantic defence preparation. While a cordon of turrets and troops is airlifted in, you rush to get your fragile perambulating cerebrum into a newly excavated tunnel network or defensible cave. Mismanage this crucial stage and you can easily find yourself looking on helplessly as terrier-like foes scramble through the mouth of a refuge-turned-rat-trap.

"And "scramble through" isn't wishful thinking in this instance. The mix of QWOP-style soldier skeletons (though, happily, directly controlled units are moved with WASD keys) and endlessly deformable battlefields means every scenery pixel matters when it come to pathfinding and Line of Fire calculations. Troops slither, squeeze and tumble through catacombs. They widen home-made portals with mining tools or attempt to seal them off with concrete sprayers. Bullets nibble at trench edges and chip away at bunker walls. The options for using and abusing the environments are mind-boggling."

Swing by Steam before 6pm on Sunday (that's 10am Pacific) to grab it for free. It'll be yours for keepsies but you need to take it now.

Everyone who owns Cortex Command will also get you a 25% discount on Planetoid Pioneers, its physics-driven platformer prequel, which will leave early access and launch properly on Thursday. Our Brendy enjoyed Planetoid Pioneers when he played an early version in September so hey, that's a nice little bonus.

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