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Counter-Strike 2 closed beta updated with overhauled Overpass and Wingman mode

As well as the return of Vertigo

A revised de_overpass in Counter-Strike 2.
Image credit: Valve

Counter-Strike 2 is in closed beta while Valve test its new features, revised maps and upgraded engine. That limited test has just been updated to swap out two maps, Nuke and Office, with two others, Vertigo and a hugely overhauled Overpass, as well as to add the two-on-two Wingman mode.

"We are excited to ship our first overhauled map into the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, de_overpass, alongside de_vertigo," tweeted the official Counter-Strike account. "Vertigo is playable Casual and Deathmatch modes. Overpass is available to play in Casual, Deathmatch, Competitive, and Wingman (new!)."

Overpass is a map originally added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and created internally by Valve themselves, set around a canal overpass in Berlin, Germany. It seems to have had a substantial revision for Counter-Strike 2, including in teh way it looks. Check out the lovely, oily film at the edges of the water in this clip, also shared on Twitter:

Wingman mode, meanwhile, was similarly introduced in a CS:GO update and feature teams of two, shorter round timers and small versions of existing maps.

The full update patch notes contain a handful of other minor tweaks and fixes.


  • Enabled undo/redo buttons
  • Various bug fixes

[ MISC ]

  • Added the "Secondary Fire Hold" option to the input settings menu
  • The halftime countdown timer is now visible
  • Fixed a case where the camera would not interpolate correctly when switching between chase and roaming spectator modes.
  • Fixed a case where the viewmodel weapon would disappear for one frame when switching in-eye spectator targets.
  • Added leading zeroes on StatTrak module
  • Glove patterns and wear now more closely align with CS:GO versions
  • Various improvements to foil stickers
  • Various adjustments to the size of stickers applied to weapons

There's currently no way to request access to Counter-Strike 2, with Valve instead dishing it out to players who regularly hop into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There's also no word on when it'll get a full release.

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