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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives the FBI a makeover

Send in the feds

Valve have replaced another plank on the ship of Theseus that is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this time ripping out ye olde FBI player models from 2012 to slip in some shiny new ones. These stinkin' rat feds are now wearing blue FBI windbreakers over blue jeans, changing out of their drab olive assault team gear into something comfy which reflects the classic look of agents off the telly. Last night's update also enabled the new MP5-SD in Competitive Matchmaking, making it officially in the game proper. Oh, and an important development: they've enabled standing on teamies' heads in Casual modes.

You'll find the new FBI as the CT model on Nuke, Agency, and Office. Valve say the FBI "have been updated to improve overall visual fidelity while preserving legibility." I say that heavy tactical wear must have stunk something fierce after all these years.

CS: GO is six years old but Valve are continually replacing bits and pieces to refresh tired parts. They've recently redone the UI, are forever remaking older maps, and even replaced first-person arm models (well, that was partially to add gloves as cosmetic items).

See the patch notes for more on last night's update, including this important note:

  • Added a new setting "mp_solid_teammates 2" which enables standing on top of teammates while still allowing to walk through them. The feature is now enabled in official Casual, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman game modes.

Which: hell yes. Stacking players is such a wonderfully silly part of FPSs, and always makes me smile remembering those classic Pubmasters videos:

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