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Hell Labyrinth: Crypt Underworld Kickstarting

Futile piss sim

Crypt Underworld [official site] is a sequel to Crypt Worlds, a free game described as a "reflecting pool of the futility we all experience". You can download that right now for a taste of the trashy deconstruction, which plays out like a nightmarish first-person RPG in which nothing really matters until your actions bring the world to an abrupt halt. The sequel is already in development but the team are seeking $10,000 on Kickstarter to pay for rent, food and hardware. Expected completion is the distant future-time December 2017.

I'll let the game speak for itself:

"Crypt Underworld is a first-person hell labyrinth about eating garbage food and finding weird trinkets and exploring vast decaying cityscapes while trying not to vomit constantly. i made it because i wanted to capture the feelings i had living alone in a large american city with little money, among other things."

You can piss on people so hard that their limbs fall off. Some of that is in the trailer although you might not have realised what you were seeing. As soon as a limb has detatched from its owner, you can steal it.

It's a game where "every alley, every door, leads somewhere even worse than before". You'll have access to "an apartment you can upgrade, and decorate with the things you find in the world. if you are a dracula you can buy a coffin for it". Killing enemies sometimes causes them to turn into a pile of hamburgers.

You probably know whether or not this is your kind of thing. It's my kind of thing and that's partly because it might be a little like having an enormous Goblet Grotto sibling-sequel.

Crypt Underworld prequel Crypt Worlds is free, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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