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CS:GO Tweaks Weapon Accuracy For Taps And Bursts

Who knew game design was about graphs

I'm no expert when it comes to firing accurately in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but I've been playing with the series' AK-47s and M4A4s for long enough that it feels like my fingers know their fire rates and kickbacks instinctively. I could now test that theory by seeing whether I can tell the difference after a recent update changed accuracy recovery rates for those two weapons plus the M4A1-S.

According to that post on the subject, the goal is "to allow players to develop and express their skill using a variety of methods of firing a weapon, by increasing the effectiveness of tapping/bursting relative to that of spraying." I thought the difference between the two was already significant enough that tapping/bursting was already one thousand percent preferred, but I suspect Valve have spent a lot of time looking at graphs of player behaviour.

A previous attempted fix for this didn't work, but the new change means that individual bullets can be fired "without sacrificing accuracy" and "accuracy recovers more rapidly after short firing sequences". Spraying meanwhile is now less accurate towards the end of the spray and weapon accuracy takes slightly longer to recover afterwards. There are graphs that better illustrate this through on the official Counter-Strike blog.

This is seen as just the start, without the change made to just these three weapons so Valve can gather more player usage statistics and then make further tweaks to these guns or the rest of Counter-Strike's arsenal. I dare not try them in case it turns out I can't even tell the difference, and my illusion of being a secret CS ace is destroyed.

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