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CS:GO - Best Jumps 2018

Learn how to master some of the most important shortcuts in the game.

Over the years, CS:GO players have located and mastered jumps that can be performed in specific spots on each map. Jumps only require one person (unlike a boost which requires two or more players) and can be used to reach places players would not usually stand in or to reach a destination much quicker.

We’ve outlined the most useful jumps across the active map pool to get you started on mastering movement in CS:GO. Varying in difficulty, these jumps will help you to win rounds, while impressing your teammates with your mastery of CS:GO’s complex physics.

Before delving into the most useful jumps, it's important to understand that they aren’t something to learn just to look flashy. Performing a jump in a Competitive game can help you to gain a temporary advantage over your opponents as you may catch them off guard.

Jumps that reduce the amount of time it takes you to reach a bombsite should also be used as often as possible. However, jumps that provide access to spots you wouldn’t usually be able to reach should be utilised infrequently in order to keep your enemy on their toes.

Xbox to Short

  • Map: Dust 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Type of Jump: Time-Saver

Head to Mid and position yourself so that you’re facing Xbox (the big white box in front of Mid Doors) with Short on your right side. Stand in front of Xbox and jump onto the wooden crate leaning against it. Jump again so that you’re standing on top of the box. Turn so that you’re facing short and jump while holding crouch (Ctrl) to reach Short.

This quick and easy jump will save you having to run all the way around to Catwalk in order to get to Short. Taking this route to Short is especially quick if you’re coming from Lower Tunnels or Mid.

Second Mid to Apartments

  • Map: Inferno
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Type of Jump: Time Saver

Walk to Second Mid and stand on the stairs outside Apartments, with your back to Mid. Jump onto the railings on the right side of the stairs and run forwards. As you reach the edge of the railing, hold crouch while jumping to land on the edge of Bedroom Balcony. Jump over the railings here to enter Bedroom and continue on into the main part of Apartments.

This jump is particularly useful if you need to get into Apartments quickly, as it saves you having to walk all the way to the interior stairs. If you are concerned that an opponent may be lurking in Apartments, taking this route may be preferable as you can peek from Bedroom to Boiler or down the opposite hallway.

Bombsite A Boxes

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Type of Jump: Sneaky Advantage

Head to Bombsite A and open the Squeaky door so that it’s opening outwards onto the bombsite. Walk over to the Red Box in the middle of the site and jump onto the wooden boxes with the paint can on top.

Jump once more so that you’re standing on top of the Red Box. Back up on the Red Box so that you can clearly see Squeaky door and then run, jump and turn slightly while mid-air so that you land on top of the door. Jump once more to land on the light above the open door. Finally, jump onto the boxes outside A Main.

Perform this jump at the beginning of a round and crouch on the boxes to watch A Main. As enemies approach, you’ll have a good chance at eliminating them before they spot you.

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Sniper’s Nest to Catwalk

  • Map: Mirage
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Type of Jump: Time-Saver

Make your way to Sniper’s Nest and stop around the wooden hurdle near the grate, facing Window and Vent. Run and jump onto the window ledge then continue running, turning mid-air and jumping so that you land on the tall pillar on Catwalk. Jump up onto the thin beams on top of the pillar and then down onto Catwalk.

This jump can be performed as one fluid movement from the second you start running or, to make it slightly easier you can start on the window ledge without running up to it. Simply move as far back on the window ledge as you can then run forward and turn, as stated above. You can also perform this jump in reverse by jumping onto the pillar on Catwalk and up onto the beams then running forward and turning mid-air to the right to land back in Sniper’s Nest.

Mid to Boost

  • Map: Cache
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Type of Jump: Sneaky Advantage

Perform this part of the jump as one fluid movement (don’t stop): Walk to Mid, jump onto White Box, run to the end of the white beam and jump, turning mid-air to the left to land on the plastic box.

Once perched on the plastic box, turn so that the wall is on your right side and look down. Walk as far back as you can without falling off and rest your crosshair on the bottom-right part of the screen (in the grass). Look up, run forward for a second then turn mid-air to land on the metal box ahead. Jump onto the corrugated roof and walk forward.

This is incredibly difficult to pull of and will certainly earn you some respect from your teammates if you manage to do so. It’s quite normal for Terrorsists to boost a player onto the spot above A Main so appearing from the other side may come as quite a shock to the enemy team. Be wary of the Terrorists boosting up and catching you before you’ve finished performing the jump though.

B Platform to Tree

  • Map: Cobblestone
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Type of Jump: Sneaky Advantage

Before performing this jump, bear in mind that it should be completed in one fluid motion (no stopping). Make your way to B Platform (also referred to as B Long) and stop just before the archway.

Run forward, while looking down and once your crosshair rests on the closest brick with debris on it, make a wide, sweeping movement with your mouse and jump so that you land on the small section of broken wall on the right. Continue walking forward slightly on the wall and then crouch jump to land on the plinth where the tree is.

Standing up here will give you a good view of the doors to Connector and Drop. Use the tree as cover so that enemies don’t spot you straight away.

The problem areas you will come across will certainly be the roof of the archway hitting your head as you strafe onto the brick. Ensure that your starting position gives enough room for your body to avoid the roof while strafing.

The second jump is also problematic in that it is very difficult to practice without the momentum of the first jump. As you walk forward on the brick, try to maximise the amount of distance you are covering before you attempt the crouch jump towards the tree.

MiBR’s FalleN (formerly of SK Gaming) managed to pull off this audacious jump in overtime during the grand final of EPICENTER back in 2017. Prior to this match, FalleN was seen struggling to land this jump on his stream. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t land this jump, even some of the best players in CS:GO can’t do it consistently.

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Jumps Training on the Steam Workshop

Map Name: Jumps Training

Creator: whiskeyo_

How to Download: Search for ‘Jumps Training’ in the Steam Workshop and select ‘subscribe’. Alternatively, use the link below:

Link: Jumps Training

Launch CS:GO and select ‘Workshop Maps’ in the dropdown menu. Select the map from the list.

whiskeyo_’s Jumps Training map is the highest-rated jump map on the Steam Workshop, featuring fifteen jumps spanning a number of maps. Each jump is performed in a cut-out version of the map and includes a hint button. If you’re unsure how to perform the jump, shoot the hint button once and an arrow will appear to direct you.

The best way to work through these jumps is to start at the beginning. Upon completing a jump, the map will automatically update and place you on the next one. Some of these maps will be straightforward, whereas others will depend on fluid, sweeping movements with the mouse.

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