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Curious Expedition Rivals ventures out of a browser-locked beta

Curious companion

After a little over a year, The Curious Expedition's multiplayer mode Rivals has left open beta. Once limited to a browser-only test version, this week Rivals launched as a free update to the main downloadable game. Developers Maschinen-Mensch are offering a tantalising prize for dropping in, too - find a particular golden pyramid within its expanse, and earn early entry to the closed alpha for Curious Expedition 2.

The multiplayer side to our fave roguelike of 2016 has been lurking behind browsers for well over a year. There's nothing curious if you've been on a solo expedition, besides the worlds being 10,000 times larger and utterly packed with other players. You're all looking for the same golden pyramids as before, but at least you can pop a little nametag on discoveries along the way.

Like a solo venture, you'll be putting together a party, trying your best to keep them alive and kicking as you delve through the wilds and uncover story tidbits. Crates scattered around the world give you new options for gear and party loadouts, such as Matt's cocoa-powered cultist gang in his own Rivals expedition.

Of course, leaving web browsers also means Rivals is no longer free-to-play. You'll need to scrounge up enough treasure to pick up The Curious Expedition, which is currently 50% off on Steam and GOG at £5.49/€7.49/$7.49.

There's a bit more than treasure and (limited, virtual) fame hidden in the jungle, mind. The devs hint at a golden pyramid that, once found, will grant immediate access to the upcoming sequel's closed alpha. 'Course, you could always avoid the mosquito bites and just sign up for the alpha via email on their site.

That alpha will be kicking off "in the coming weeks", with an early access launch hitting Steam sometime next year.

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