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Cyberpunk RPG The Ascent coming to Game Pass at launch in July

Taking the fight to the corpos in co-op

Cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent is queued up to launch next month and it's just popped up with a fresh trailer. Developers Neon Giant have let on an extra quick look at some more co-op cyberpunk shoot 'em upping here in the new video. Good news for the subscription service fans as well. The Ascent has announced that it will be joining Xbox Game Pass for PC on its launch day in July.

You'll play as a worker for The Ascent Group which unexpectedly shuts down, threatening the survival of your corpo-owned distrct. It'll be up to you, RPG hero, to grab your cyberpunk guns and figure out why. The Ascent kicked off a new running and gunning cyberpunk-y trailer during Microsoft's E3 showcase. You can catch the explosions and co-op hijinx right here.

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Ed got the chance to play The Ascent just last month. He was impressed by its rusty, seedy cyberpunk world but was a little disappointed that the combat wasn't equally messy and loud.

"In many ways, it was a lot more controlled than I was expecting. I mixed and matched between a revolver, assault rifle, submachine gun, and shotgun, all of which felt punchy, sure, but a bit too grounded for me," Ed explains, but also adds a moment from a later fight. "That's maybe a bit harsh, because in its best moments The Ascent is wild. I fought against these two big baddies with hammers and tremor attacks I had to dodge roll to avoid, finally introducing something other than bullets!"

The new trailer up top there does include some explosions and lasers and some area of effect stuff so perhaps The Ascent saved its best tricks for launch day.

You can find the Ascent over on Steam where it will launch on July 29th. It will be on 10% discount through August 5th. It'll also be coming to Game Pass on PC, console, and cloud on its launch day.

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