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The Ascent’s just released its first DLC update, plus a fifth round of bug fixes

They’re calling the DLC The Cybersec Pack

Neon Giant's first DLC update for The Ascent is out now. They say the Cybersec Pack’s contents include “two new weapons, a new tactical, four new pieces of armor and four new animated weapon skins.” They’ve also put together a new trailer showing off these features, which you can take a look at below.

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That's pretty much it when it comes to the DLC pack, but along with it, Neon Giant have also dropped a new patch for The Ascent too. This is the fifth patch for the game since its initial launch near the end of July 2021. This one includes fixes for various crashes, increases to the stability in co-op play, improvements to the audio, as well as other miscellaneous changes.

The patch also adds a new feature called Transmogrification, which you’re probably familiar with if you’ve played games like Destiny 2 or World Of Warcraft. In the words of Neon Giant, this’ll allow players to “change their appearance to match the visual style of any armour currently in their inventory by visiting the Stylist and paying a small fee.” Once that’s done, you can equip any armour you want, and your character’s look won’t change.

In his review, Ed mentioned that “early on The Ascent's pretty brutal, and perhaps a bit samey because you don't have access to many fun weapons.” I haven’t played it yet, but I don’t really see the Cybersec Pack resolving that pacing issue, despite the new additions.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m personally more interested in the free updates than I am the paid packs. I’m not a big fan when it comes to paid content only DLC like this in general, but I do like that they're putting out the cooler features out for free.

Neon Giant also say there are still two more free patches on the way for The Ascent. One's still slated for this year, and includes new voice acting for the side missions in the game. The other introduces a New Game+ mode, but is currently aiming for a 2022 release. There’s also plans for another paid DLC down the line, which they’re calling the “Cyber Warrior Pack.”

The Ascent’s Cybersec Pack is available from Steam and Xbox Game Pass for £4 / $5 / €5

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