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Dawn Of War 2 Footage

Relic still don't seem to have really sold what Dawn Of War 2 is all about in their game footage and associated marketing jabber. Here's what I wrote after I saw it in Vancouver almost a year ago: "What was great about the original game, such as its vicious melee combat and feeling of solidity, is going to provide cues for the new direction that this game moves in. DoW2 is a game that focuses on the actions of small team of personalised soldiers. Relic keep reiterating: this is a game where you are going to be focusing on the violent destruction of your enemies. It's about "five or six squads of elite warriors" whose actions are going to define the course of galactic events in the Warhammer universe. It's closer, and more intimate than the original game, discarding base-building and that anonymous production-line feel of the previous Dawn Of War games." So think Diablo with squads of heavily armed space marines. Something like that.

A couple of minutes of footage beyond the cut show that. Shame it's not something really meaty like the assault marines escaping from a collapsing bridge, or the fight with the ork warboss. Eurogamer have a more recent hands-on just here.

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